Mission Statement

The Willamette United Football Club will inspire and educate our members to be strong and productive soccer players, citizens, and leaders. We strive to help the whole child grow physically, emotionally, mentally and academically through the sport of soccer.

Club Contact Information

Willamette United FC

19995 SW Stafford Rd., Ste. C
West Linn, OR 97068
Fax: 503-638-9797
Email: info@willametteunitedfc.com
Website: www.willametteunitedfc.com

Club Administrator & Registrar - Krisa Duff

Email: krisa@willametteunitedfc.com 503-638-9777

President of Soccer and Club Director of Coaching - Jim Brazeau

Email:jim@willametteunitedfc.com Cell phone: 503-704-9292

Director of Operations / Recreational Program Manager - Steve Piercy

Email: steve@willametteunitedfc.com Cell phone: 503-314-7161

Associate Director of Coaching / Camps & Academies - Mike Iacolucci

Email mike@willametteunitedfc.com Cell phone: 206-380-1116

Willlamette United's staff is supported by an all volunteer board of directors who are elected to two year terms at the club's annual general meeting. Please feel free to email any of the following board members with your questions or concerns.

Club President / Executive Director - Ray Nelson

Club Vice President - Kasey Saito

Secretary - Mike Hansen

Treasurer - Joe Sullivan

Chairman Of The Board - Greg Gabler

Player Advocate - Bobbi Kelly

Recreational Director - Scott Howard

Member at Large - Erik Simshauser

Member at Large - Justine Keith

WUFC Club Philosophy

WUFC wants to create a safe environment where children can develop positive behaviors that will help them grow. Coaches and families can serve a fundamental role in many ways, but primarily in the following areas: 1) the courage to try, and fail, and try again, 2) to think independently, 3) the discipline to set and achieve goals, and, 4) the importance of working as a team. The nature of competitive sport will always create winners and losers; this cannot be avoided. But the process itself can help children learn to cope with future successes as well as potential failures.Parents play an important role in contributing to the needs and development of their children. Through their encouragement and good example, parents can help assure that all children learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. In soccer, young people learn to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal appropriately with defeat. Coaches at WUSC have two basic functions: 1) to instruct the children during practice sessions, and, 2) to facilitate the games. The objective is to allow children to learn to make their own decisions, and then to contemplate and evaluate the results as they relate to the team as a whole.Club Vision: Willamette United is striving to be a club that knows no boundaries, and where everything within the sport of soccer is possible. As we grow, we will have our own facilities that will strengthen our identity. Willamette United will host clinics and seminars for its members dealing with topics such as fundamentals, technique, health, and fitness. And, in the future, we plan to send WUSC teams to compete throughout the nation and abroad.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you have a desire to help improve the club, we would welcome your input. We look forward to growing together.

Substance Abuse and Tobacco Policy

In order to promote a safe and healthy environment for the players, the Club policy is that coaches not use alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco products before or during games and practices. In addition, the Club strongly urges all coaches, parents and spectators to abstain from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco products at all games and practices. Note that the use of alcohol or tobacco products is not permitted on school district property.

Disciplinary Actions and Grievance Procedures

Willamette United FC follows the policies and guidelines of OYSA in all disciplinary matters. Grievance issues that are not resolved through our problem resolution protocol will be referred to OYSA for resolution. Any player or family who has a grievance with a coach or the club may contact the player advocate to go through the club's grievance process.

Willamette United Football Club
19995 SW Stafford Road, Ste. C
West Linn, OR 97068

Ph. 503-638-9777
Fax: 503-638-9797

Email: info@willametteunitedfc.com

Web: www.willametteunitedfc.com