Fall 2018 Rec Practice Schedule
Fall 2018 Recreational Soccer Registration Open

Online registration for our 2018 Fall Recreational Soccer Program will open the first week of April! Look for an email letting you know it's time to sign up!

Fall Recreational Soccer for K-8th graders Details-

Register by June 15th to save money and to guarantee a spot on last year's team. FEES INCREASE ON JUNE 16TH BY $35 FOR 3rd - 8TH GRADERS and $25 for 1st - 2nd GRADERS!

Field Fees - A Club Wide Field Fee is included in registration fees for the 2018-19 program seasons.

Family Discounts - Families with multiple players registering for the fall recreational program will save $10 for the 2nd & 3rd players.

Available after August 1st at Tursis Soccer Store, 10831 SW Cascade Ave Suite A, Tigard, OR 97223. Willamette United is an official "Nike" club and as such, all players must wear Nike uniforms.

Wait List
Beginning July 16th, all players registering will go on a wait list. Players will be confirmed and assigned to teams if and when roster spots open. Parents will be notified when their player's registration is confirmed and their fee payment has been processed.

Member Assistance Program
The club has limited funds available for financial aid for families. Please complete a Member Assistance Program (MAP) that is on the website's document page if you need to apply for assistance. MAP applications MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 15TH!

Coaches Needed!
Volunteer coaches make this program work!
Parents who volunteer to coach their player's team should register with us at the same time they register their player. There is no cost to you to register as a coach. Coaches will also need to fill out online background disclosure statements, take an online concussion certification course, and will be given directions to do both.

Coaches Training
Our volunteer coaches are the glue that binds the program and helps build the technical foundation for our young soccer players. Over time, our volunteer coaches have become more versed in the game as many have played competitive soccer themselves. However, there are a fair number of coaches that never played the game and need help understanding skills and technique. Even if a coach knows the rules, most coaches need help understanding what skills are age appropriate, as well how to better communicate to our young players. As a result, our coaches generally want more training. Willamette United will continue to offer coaching clinics free to all club coaches. Coaches will get email communication about all coaching education programs we offer.

Fees, Deadlines & Details
For ALL Recreational Programs

Team rosters from the prior season will act as templates for current year roster formation. Players are reassigned to their previous team unless a new team is requested. Players who register by the Early Bird registration deadline of June 15th get assignment priority to the team they played on in prior years.

New and returning players who register by July 15th are assigned to local teams based upon available space on each team. Beginning July 16, registrants will be placed in an online wait list and players will then be confirmed and assigned to teams with coaches on a first come basis as space allows. Practices will be 1-2 days a week and can begin in mid-August. Coaches will contact their players with practice schedule information.

All Club Jamoboree will be held on August 25, 2018.

League games will begin September 8th and run through October 27th.

All K-2 Recreational soccer games will be played in West Linn and Wilsonville.

3rd - 8th grade games will be played on fields in West Linn, Wilsonville, Tigard, Lake Oswego Clackamas, Damascus, Canby and Oregon City.

All players should have their own soccer ball, shin guards and cleats. Returning players can wear the jersey they used the previous year. Parents of players new to the program will purchase game jerseys from Tursis Soccer Store, which gives our members a 15% discount off all items, other than the jerseys.

Willamette United will field as many teams as possible, as long as there are enough parent volunteers to coach them.

Kindergarten- $140
Kindergarten fees are $115 plus a $25 Field Fee and no early bird registration discounts are given.

Size #3 soccer ball, 3v3 fields.

1st- 2nd Grade - $140 until June 15th.
1st - 2nd grade fees are $115 plus a $25 Field Fee. Beginning June 16th, fees go up to $165 for all 1st & 2nd grade registrations.

Size #3 soccer ball, 4v4 fields.

Third and Fourth Grade - $150 until June 15th.
3rd & 4th grade fees are $125 plus a $25 field fee. Beginning June 16th, fees go up to $185 for all 3rd & 4th grade registrations.

Size #4 soccer ball, 7v7 fields.

5th - 8th Grade - $175 until June 15th.
5th - 8th grade fees are $150 plus a $25 field fee. Beginning June 16th, fees go up to $210 for all 5th - 8th grade registrations. The Willamette Cup fee is included for 5th - 8th Graders.

5th and 6th grade players size #4 soccer ball, 9v9 fields.
7th and 8th grade players use #5 soccer ball, 11v11 fields.

Team Assignments
Recreational soccer team assignments are probably the least pleasant part of the season for our staff. It's a challenge to assign nearly 2,000 kids to 170+ teams. Even though we try, we cannot possibly make everyone happy. To help you better understand our process we have "briefly" summarized the team assignment process:

For 1st-8th graders, rosters from the previous season act as a template. Players are reassigned to the same roster unless we are asked not to do so. Late registrants are only added to those rosters as space allows; just because a player was on
a certain team last year doesn't guarantee that same placement if the registration is late. New Club members are assigned to teams based on space, the school attended and if possible, teammate requests.

Since 1979 we have attempted a number of team assignment methodologies. For the last 10 years we have followed a fairly consistent practice that we intend to continue to use in the coming fall season.

We first start by grouping players by grade, gender and the public school that they either attend, or in the case of players who attend private schools, what ever public school they live nearest to. Smaller teams mean we'll need more coaches!

Targeted Roster Size:
Kindergarten teams (6-7 players) to play 3 v 3 games.
1st & 2nd grade teams (8-9 players) to play 4 v 4 games.
3rd & 4th grade teams (11 - 12 players) to play 7 v 7 games.
5th & 6th grade teams (13 - 14) to play 9 v 9 games.
7th - 8th grade teams (16-18) to play 11 v 11 games.

The targeted team size is designed to assure adequate playing time (in recreational soccer, each player WILL play at least 50% of each game, unless there is a disciplinary issue) as well as provide for adequate substitutions in the event missing players.

Rosters from the prior season act as templates for current year roster formation. Players are reassigned to their previous team unless a new team is requested.

Regular registration for Kindergarten stays open until August 20th at which time players are placed on a waiting list and assigned to already formed teams as space allows.

Once game schedules are done, usually 2-3 weeks prior to the first game day, chances of getting on a team decrease.

During the registration process we do allow for parents to "request" players or coaches. Parent coaches always have their child on their team. We want to stress that although you may have requested a teammate or coach, we will NOT guarantee to accommodate your request.

We allow a parent to coach their own child, so long as they are the same age as the rest of the team. We also allow each team to have one assistant coach, and that parent may also have their child on the team. Teams are limited to ONLY two registered coaches. Other parents may help as long as one of the registered and approved coaches is present.

Recreation coaches are all volunteers that dedicate significant amounts of time to the team. Each year we welcome our coaches back. If they volunteer again and we are not aware of any significant issues with the team, they are given the first option to again coach that team.

We do not allow coaches to pick their team or to add a new player to their team simply because they request a child. Any new kids are assigned based upon the process that was explained above.

We understand that this process is not perfect. We also understand that 10-20 of our 1,200+ families will be upset that their requests are not accommodated. To these families we appreciate their frustration and apologize that we are not able to accommodate your request. If this occurs, we will gladly refund your registration fees if a refund is requested by September 1st of each year. We will keep a $5.00 service fee to cover our online registration and credit/debit card processing fees.

MISC. Quick Facts
All games are played on Saturdays starting in early September and ending in late October.

Most teams practice 2 times/week

Teams are gender and grade level specific, i.e. 1st grade girls, 3rd grade boys